The Analysis and information contained in a feasibility study / Site survey will be in general , Sector specific and solution based.

We offer the concept , (Design Brief Report ),Detail Design , Tender Technical Specification

Tender documents may be prepared for a range of contracts such as; equipment supply, Installation Procedure ,testing methodology And Handing over process

The tender evaluation team must have an odd number of members, at least three, with all the technical and administrative capacities necessary to give an informed opinion on the tenders. The members of evaluation committee should give an objective and impartial professional opinion.

Value Engineering is recognized techniques by a multi-disciplined team to identify the function of a product or service, and provide the needed functions to accomplish the original purpose of the project, and environmental attributes of the project.

The peer review process is becoming increasingly important in the profession of fire protection engineering. Buildings have become larger, taller and more complex than just 20 years ago, and the technology of the various building systems has also grown more complex.

Quality Control (QC)&Quality Assurance (QA) as it is often termed as; "All those planned and the systematic action necessary to provide adequate confidence to a product or a service which will satisfy the given requirement for quality". Our QA includes industrial quality assurance, quality planning services, etc.In other words, Quality Assurance is considered as controlling activities to ensure that customers expected and required standards are met. A customer shall obtain confidence either by assessing a Service Provider's Quality Management System.

We offer our quality control services at clients' site. Through this service, we carry extensive inspection for complex &large projects

IDS programs and project management systems are based on leading industry standards and methodologies. We also use leading program, project controls and information management systems those are meant to be flexible in approach.


IT Parks & Software Business …20 Lakhs
SQ .Ft

Hotel Industry ... 15Lakhs SQ .Ft

Health care…10 Lakhs SQ. Ft

Automobile & Manufacturing Industries...15 Lakhs SQ .Ft

Data Center& Clean Room...10Lakhs SQ .Ft


We have Enthusiastic team of Senior Engineering personnel with an extensive reputation and great deal of Experience and expertise in Life safety , ELV & BMS Services disciplines.

We have total of 20 years of implementation / Design experience in Life safety, ELV & BMS Systems.

We expertise in standards like IS ,NBC, NFPA, FM- GLOBAL , and BS

Our experience spans across multiple Verticals such as Commercial, Residential buildings, Hospitality, Leisure facilities, Hospitals, Institutions, Shopping malls, Telecommunications and Data centres

we closely work with multinational cost consultants, We reduce the cost of the scope without compromising standards and requirements


Provide leading edge quality of design to Architects , Developers & customers to build , Safe Energy efficient and Healthy Environment .


With our long service in this Domain, we are confident to support our clients to achieve their objectives and offer them the highest standards of a full range of LIFESAFETY & ELV services


The Earlier the Engagement would result in better cost saving. whether it be a mandatory (code driven requirement- NFPA / NBC ), or as a result of an insurance (UL –FM ) recommendation or Customer Requirement .

Our Design consulting services offers the following values

Customized design

Scalable Solutions

Vendor Independent specification

Cost Effective approach